Rebecca Shepherd


Lingua Nigra literally means black tongue in Latin. It's a little known medical condition, but a fitting titile to beautiful organic pieces. The several lines of Lingua Nigra vary from hand reticulated brass, to etched sterling silver, to blossom-like jewelry. Each piece is handmade in Brooklyn with care.

Rebecca Shepherd jewelry is made with all sterling silver, 14K gold fill and oxidized sterling silver (blackened). All stones are hand picked, semi precious and precious stones. Her designs incorporate geometric shapes that are softened and adorned with semi precious stones and metals to add texture.

Lingua Nigra

Every culture has some form of personal adornment which hints at it's traditions and beliefs. The way a person choses to exhibit this by way of jewelry gives us an insight into their personality, style and locale.




Jenny's famous honeybee jewelry, original etched metal art jewelry, squid necklaces, garlic bulb vases, murder mystery jewelry, ouroboros pendants & more!

Heart of Flint

Andrea Flint worked in the fashion industry in NYC for 10 years as a textile designer.  She moved back to Austin, TX in the beginning of 2013 from NYC. With her new life in Austin she has had plenty of time to stop and smell the roses and decided to take some of her old company, Caja Jewelry and make it into a new jewelry company, Heart of Flint.

Mezze Designs

Ozma Autonomy

Believe in yourself....Ozma is the lost princess of Oz & we have become lost royalties of earth. . .Society is a harsh reality where playing pretend & making ends meet are often perverse unrealistic expectations. . .Ozma Autonomy brings you transmuted jewelry, adornments fearlessly, reminding us of a place where dreams & bitter truths can coexist, peacefully.

"I truly believe that beauty can be found anywhere you look, from the sparkles in the sidewalk to the craters in your breakfast toast. Why not adorn yourself with some of that beauty?"  Sayo of SaruStar

Rebecca is entirely self-taught, and uses precious and semi-precious gemstones, freshwater pearls, sterling silver, and gold-fill to make l'atelier des bijoux's necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

Saru Star

Ever + Ever

Wax the Duck

WAXTHEDUCK was created in 2007 by artist Chrissy Reilly, right in the heart of Brooklyn, NY

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Rebecca Daryl Smith


M. Spring Studio