Ministry of Culture

welcome Brianna of "Ministry of Culture!"   She believes in using organic fabrics and recyling vintage fabrics and pieces. She is a brand new designer just getting her bearings, and this is her first store!

Courtney N. Gamble is the head designer of MessQueen New York, a collection of leggings, harem pants, catsuits, bike shorts, Mens’ and Womens’ tops, as well as accessories; all using every color in the Crayola crayon box. Her playful use of bright colors, prints and shapes within the designs expresses an anarchist state of mind-going against the norm of everything fashion.





Jes Switaj

Sewing and creating are my life and I love every single second of what I do. I take great pride in my designs and part of me goes into every item I make. All of my purses, neckties and apparel are of my own design, from patterns I make from scratch.




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Ezra and Joshua create whimsicle tshirt, onsie, and youth designs

Gnome Enterpirses