Ministry of Culture

Melissa Bell

welcome Brianna of "Ministry of Culture!"   She believes in using organic fabrics and recyling vintage fabrics and pieces. She is a brand new designer just getting her bearings, and this is her first store!

Melissa Bell clothing

is limited edition clothing, Handmade in

Colorado now!

Fofolle (French for wacky girl) is the brainchild of Kathy Malone, a highly creative

and self-taught clothing designer.


Courtney N. Gamble is the head designer of MessQueen New York, a collection of leggings, harem pants, catsuits, bike shorts, Mens’ and Womens’ tops, as well as accessories; all using every color in the Crayola crayon box. Her playful use of bright colors, prints and shapes within the designs expresses an anarchist state of mind-going against the norm of everything fashion.





Founded in Montreal, and groomed in New York City, Umsteigen bursts upon you like oneiric snapshots from a fairy tale. Susanne Schubert, the creator and designer of Umsteigen, revitalizes traditional clothing like hoodies, tanks and sweatshirts and blows them up into playful works of wearable art.

Gnome Enterprises

Maya Stein

J. Papa

GNOME ENTERPRISES is committed to forwarding the causes of the indie handmade craft scene. We screenprint on high quality, sweatshop-free American Apparel tees. They’re super soft, so they already feel like your favorite worn in tshirt. We use custom mixed professional grade specialty inks that won't wash off or fade.

Bushwick artist, Collaged all our street names, and prints posters and Tshirts.  We now print these for Maya "in house," so you can bring in your own tshirt if you want!

J.Papa is an independent fashion label created by Jill Papa. She designs and constructs all of her clothing in Brooklyn with her two lively dogs, Buddy and Dutchie.

Emily G

“I want to create unique but timeless dresses for women who are unique and timeless themselves”, Emily says. “Individuality is very important to me and to my customers. My goal is to create clothing that is just as unique as the individuals who wear it.”

IQ Test


Jes Switaj

Sewing and creating are my life and I love every single second of what I do. I take great pride in my designs and part of me goes into every item I make. All of my purses, neckties and apparel are of my own design, from patterns I make from scratch.


IQTEST garments are made with fabrics that are collected from garment cutting factories. The fabric is what the mass producing designers throw away. The fabric is salvaged to keep it from the landfills.



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