Rocks & Salt

Jes SwitajTies

Rocks and Salt hats and skirts are handmade in Bushwick BK, using the highest quality wool, cashmere, cotton, linen, and bamboo, with a focus on enduring style and quality.

Sewing and creating are my life and I love every single second of what I do. I take great pride in my designs and part of me goes into every item I make. All of my purses, neckties and apparel are of my own design, from patterns I make from scratch.

Ronda J Smith was relaxing with her cat, Keywan, one afternoon, when she decided to take his picture. Inspired by her love of photography and sewing, she decided to print the image on fabric, cut it out and create a pillow. Custom pillows, pets, manhole covers and vintage cameras are among the best-selling pillows, though Ronda is often roaming the city in search of new ideas and inspiration.

In The Seam


Michelle is an Illustrator and Designer, in ROCHESTER, NY, who loves to create quirky and happy art that will make people laugh and smile and surprise them with silliness!


Indie designer Corey Dergazarian is the creative force behind the Brooklyn based handbag company Sans Map. Meticulously handcrafted, she uses a unique selection of both new and vintage fabrics, reclaimed remnants and re-purposed vintage clothing.


Karen's Monsters

I met Karen when she lived in Ditmas Park and loved her little creatures.  Now out of Portland, but love having her monsters around, so invited her to send them on a cross country trip!


Sans Map

Tamara Garvey

Original art, prints, fabric, note card sets, lockets, and ACEOs, all made from my whimsical and nature-based pen-and-ink illustrations.

Faune Yerby

Using nineteenth-century photography techniques, and modern chemicals, Faune tries to evoke the beauty of nature and a bygone time. All photographs are original prints, which have been toned and hand colored. She uses recycled and sustainable materials when possible and all her pieces are handmade.

Beautiful Mutants

Caryn Cast

Mullein and Sparrow

Beautiful Mutants Inc is a small gig that roots out of Brooklyn, New York. It's founder, Al Benkin is continuously showing art at different galleries in NYC and Bklyn and thoroughly enjoys being an artist and making stuff!

Caryn Cast's drawings depict imaginative psychoscapes that reveal fragments of odd, yet sometimes eerily familiar stories. She creates them by juxtaposing a character captured in a train of thought with

a fantastic but faintly realistic background.

Dedicated to bringing you the highest quality of handmade herbal products, Mullein and Sparrow uses all natural, sustainable, organic, and locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.

"The Narrows takes you to a fantasy land which soon consumes you and you start reevaluating your own surroundings for the magic within your own dwellings. As you follow Sim's adventure, The Narrows' mysteries and enchantments reveal them self to you and you will find yourself wishing you too could heat up your coffee with magical spells and foam your latte milk with dragons breath and you can even find cycling more enchanting (if that was even possible!)"

Nathaniel Kressen is a novelist, playwright, and screenwriter.In his triumphant debut novel, newcomer Nathaniel Kressen weaves a real-time psychological love story, introducing two unforgettable characters searching for meaning in post-9/11 New York City.

Brooklyn cleaning lady, Max Mignon hasbig ideas in the big city after the big stock market crash. She thinks she can change the entirety of New York by simply existing. Her insane egoism sparks sexual exploits, the meeting of millionaires and several fabulous steak dinners. But what happens when Max has gone too far?

Join Max on her adventures as she explores all five boroughs alongside a Bolivian heiress, Boar’s Head truck driver, CEO, iron worker, and more.

We are Meow Meow Tweet, a Bushwick Brooklyn-based company offering small-batch, handcrafted soap, body care and soy candles. We are a two-person collaboration. This means that everything with our name on it is conceived, formulated, designed, crafted and used by us.

"The Narrows"

"Concrete Fever"

"Chicken on the Hudson"

Meow Meow Tweet


a mixed-media artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY, Heather Love knits, dyes, spins her own yarn, and puts together cute kits.

Hello Mello Handspun

Cathie King  Photo

Better Than Mud

Cathie King Studio creates high-quality medium format digital and large format film photography in a Studio located in KINGSTON, NY.  Our specialties are still life, table top, food and product photography for catalog, packaging,  editorial, and conceptual photography. Choose our creative photography for the web, advertising, direct marketing, publishing and brochures.

Hand thrown bowls, cups, and dishes by Ashley Persan.  Hails from NY by lives in SLC for love of the snow and outdoors.

Emgie Libris

Miriam Castillo

Mayware  / Jackpie

Born in Mexico City, Miriam Castillo is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in New York. Her hand-drawn illustrations are creative whimsy, fantasy, and exploration: from wooded creatures and frocked damsels to lacey loops in repetition.

Multi talened Mathew Yanchuk is the creator of Mayware ceramics and Jackpie knitwear.  Hand dying his handspun yarn,  makes every piece and original.

We make books. We make books by hand. One-by-one. We focus on the details. We cut the paper. We stitch the binding. We glue the covers. We trim the corners. We source our materials locally whenever possible. We use deadstock. Leftovers. The stuff that others throw away without thinking. Something with a story. A built-in history. Personality. A book you can be proud to own. A book we made by hand.

CocoonCat Books

Kaitlin Patterson: "I am the soul creator of my books, from tearing down enormous sheets of paper, sewing the sections, assembling and binding the books, to putting the final touches on them and making sure each book is of the highest quality. I love making books!"

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Black Lamb BK

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Terre Pottery

Quick Brown Fox



Doo Daa Studio